Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Safety and Security - Air Travel and Political Situation

There have been several recent airline accidents in Nepal.

On 15 December 2010 a Tara Air flight crashed in the Okhaldhunga region, east of Kathmandu. 22 people died in the accident.
On 24 August 2010 an Agni Air flight crashed in the Makwanpur region, southwest of Kathmandu. 14 people died in the accident.
There are several domestic airlines operating in Nepal offering flights across Nepal. Check weather conditions before travelling with domestic airlines. Bad weather conditions in mountainous and hill regions can increase the risk to safety and cause lengthy delays.
Heavy Monsoon rains have caused some damage to the runway at Tribhuvan International Airport. The airport remains open, though some flights have been delayed. Please contact your airline or travel company for up to date flight details.
If you are concerned about air travel in Nepal you can research the safety and standards of a particular airline or aircraft through theInternational Civil Aviation Organisation.

A peace agreement between the Government of Nepal and the Maoists was signed in 2006. However, tensions between political parties in Nepal remain significant, with the potential for violent clashes or extremely disruptive strike action. These clashes have, in some cases, resulted in injuries and deaths of party activists. The situation in the Terai and Eastern region remains difficult, with political tensions over the regions' demand for significantly increased autonomy and serious problems in delivering law and order. There are a number of militant groups operating in the Terai and the eastern hills, as well as the tensions between political parties found in other parts of the country.

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