Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weather and Climate


Nepal’s topographical boundary governs the climatic condition of this Himalayan Kingdom. Tropical, Temperate and tundra natures of climate are correspondingly encountered in its Terai belts, midland hills and the alpine regions.

Nepal has respectively four seasons in a year - winter, spring, monsoon and autumn. The most excellent time for nature aficionados to visit the country is during spring when flowers are in full blossom and mountain slopes are covered with beautiful and colorful flowers. This amazing spring season begins from early March and continues till late May. The days are clear; and sometimes clouds may disturb or heighten the mountain views.

Then the monsoon begins in late May and continues till late August.

The autumn season starts from September. It continues till late November. With temperate climate, clear blue skies and extraordinary mountain views, it is another finest season to visit the country when the trekking season will also be in full swing.

Winter begins in late November then continues till late February.

Nepali Seasons        Months      
Spring                    April-May      
Summer                 June-July      
Monsoon    End       June-Mid September       
Autumn                  September-November      
Winter                    December-January      
Sisir(Windy)            February-March  

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